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Knoll Remix vs. Herman Miller Embody

  It’s no secret that there are a ton of good furniture companies out there, in fact, we represent most of them! Here at bauhaus, we bleed Knoll, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition! In the ever evolving workspace, the size and aesthetic of the stations are changing, but the one constant seems to be the task chair.  “The Future of Ergonomic Office Seating” READ MORE >>

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k. lounge by Knoll

k. lounge k. lounge is a modular, plannable soft-seating series introduced in 2014 by Knoll. The scope delivers a broad range of capabilities, making it the go-to solution for Activity Spaces. With just 11 modular elements, each piece can be used individually or linked together in unique configurations. Looking back at our  blueprint for an activity space, the sofa is the main piece that grounds the grouping. Each piece offers READ MORE >>

New Year, New Furniture Finds

Happy New Year! Here at bauhaus we are easing back into the swing of things. New products and good design get us excited, so we’ve been trolling the internet for some new finds to spark some new ideas for projects. Oftentimes a single piece can be the starting point for an entire design concept, so we’re always on the lookout for new design details, shapes, and concepts. Holmris/Wing First up READ MORE >>

Interpole: A New Connection

Interpole: A new connection Interpole ™ is a unique planning approach that reimagines the connection between furniture and architecture. Applicable in open plan, private offices and activity spaces, Interpole delivers convenient access to power and data and offers fresh new ways to plan you workspaces. Based on a floor-to-ceiling H-post, Interpole features separate channels for power and data from the ceiling to open plan systems or activity spaces freeing users READ MORE >>