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Interpole: A New Connection

Interpole: A new connection Interpole ™ is a unique planning approach that reimagines the connection between furniture and architecture. Applicable in open plan, private offices and activity spaces, Interpole delivers convenient access to power and data and offers fresh new ways to plan you workspaces. Based on a floor-to-ceiling H-post, Interpole features separate channels for power and data from the ceiling to open plan systems or activity spaces freeing users READ MORE >>

Manufacturer Spotlight: Holmris

Who is Holmris? Holmris is a family-owned, Danish company specializing in office furniture focused on ergonomics, functionality, design details and innovation. Product | Tables On the blog, we have been talking about height adjustable tables and sit-stand workstations for over a year now. With the introduction of Antenna® Workspaces at NeoCon 2010 (winner of Best of NeoCon 2010 Innovation Award), benching was introduced into the American Contract Furniture Market. Holmris READ MORE >>

bauhaus + Lavish

bauhaus joins design team to create vignette for Lavish Lavish is an event and silent auction put on by the Texas Oklahoma Chapter of the International Interior Design Association. For this event, bauhaus paired with Wilson Associates (2013 Best of Show winner), Stinson and Clarus Glassboards to create an unforgettable vignette using donated and re-purposed items. Each design team was assigned a precious gemstone to use as inspiration for colors READ MORE >>

Workplace Design and Its Effect on Employee Retention and Fixed Costs

Does workplace design really have an influence on employee retention and fixed facility costs? Suspicions are that employee retention and engagement have a direct link to workspace design. In order to get to the bottom of the issue, Knoll, Inc. conducted a research project in partnership with a global management consulting firm to evaluate the effectiveness of its workplace strategy. Employees of the consulting firm have a highly mobile work READ MORE >>

High-Tech Modern Furnishing

An efficient workspace is a workspace that allows for seamless integration of technology, not only in the individual workspace, but also in each activity space. In the modern office, workers are on the go; they no longer spend eight hours working from their own desk. Workplace design should take into consideration the need for workers to move around the office, spending time working with a team in a designated group READ MORE >>