2014 Color of the Year

Each year the global authority on color, Pantone, names a Color of the Year. In 2013, that color was emerald, which symbolizes “growth, renewal and prosperity.” (Read Green is the New Orange.) The 2014 Color of the Year announced in December is Radiant Orchid, a color that is intended to “intrigue the eye and spark imagination.” Radiant Orchid is “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. It “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.”


The Color of the Year is inspiration for the year’s fashion, beauty and interior decorating. Pantone’s Color of the Year often influences product development and purchasing decisions in various industries. The Color of the Year gives interior designers a chance to experiment with a new color. However, not every color is appropriate for a corporate environment.

Corporate interiors, by nature, are very tame. While an evening dress in Radiant Orchid will certainly make a statement, it doesn’t have the staying power necessary in a corporate environment. For that reason, we don’t expect the color to debut in a big way in corporate interiors, but we can expect to see it in some ancillary pieces as well as strands and accents in textile patterns.

Radiant Orchid would make a statement in ancillary pieces such as Hightower’s Four Cast Innolounge and Nimbus ottomans, mobile/collaborative space or side tables.

The graphic below shows how the color will be used in strands and accents in textile patterns.


Radiant Orchid will best be used in accent and ancillary pieces to liven up neutrals, such as gray, beige and taupe. It complements olive, deep hunter greens, turquoise, teal and light yellow. We recommend Radiant Orchid be used sparingly. Corporate interiors typically cycle every five to 10 years, so pieces and textiles chosen must have some staying power. A feminine color like Radiant Orchid is not expected to be a leading color for corporate interiors, though it will likely debut in accents and textiles.

Source: Pantone 2014 Color of the Year Press Release