bauhaus + dwell with dignity


A home is more than just a house. It is a place of comfort, solace and relaxation. It’s the place where memories with family and friends are made, but many families in the Dallas area struggle to maintain shelter. Securing basic shelter takes priority over “creating a home” environment. And yet, all people crave “home.”

bauhaus is excited to partner with Dwell with Dignity, a Dallas-based nonprofit group of Interior Designers dedicated to serving families struggling with homelessness and poverty. Founder, Lisa Robison, and Vice President, Kim Turner, work with local agencies to connect with families that are ready to start a new chapter in their lives. The Dwell with Dignity staff, along with their incredible volunteers, starts with a bare apartment and completely transforms it into a home. They provide all the furniture, artwork, curtains and accessories. They even stock the pantry and fridge with food and necessities, and they bring the first night’s meal in a crockpot! Watch the video below to hear from Lisa herself!

An amazing part of each transformation is that everything used in the home isn’t brand new. Almost all of the art that is displayed in the homes is handmade, and much of the furniture has been refinished and repurposed. The Dwell with Dignity staff are pros at thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to brighten up each home. For example, many apartments do not allow residents to paint the walls, so any large amounts of color must come from the art on the walls. Dwell with Dignity’s signature hollow-core door is an inexpensive way to bring in color in an unexpected way.

bauhaus + Dwell with Dignity
After learning more about this incredible organization, we knew partnering with Dwell with Dignity was the perfect opportunity for us to give back to our community along with others in the industry. bauhaus is excited to announce that we will organize and execute our own modern apartment installation for a family in need. This is the ultimate team-building activity for our staff at bauhaus, and is the perfect activity for our quarterly team-building events. In the coming months, we will put our design skills and resources to good use doing everything from refinishing furniture to going grocery shopping.

bauhaus and dwell with dignity

To celebrate the start of this exciting opportunity, we had a bauhaus kickoff happy hour to get everyone  on our team excited about the project. Since the project is set to be completed in December, it’s time to get started! At our happy hour, each person was greeted at their seat with a watercolor painting setup. During the presentation, it was revealed that together we would create our first art project for the apartment. Photos from the presentation are below, but check out our Facebook page next week for the finished piece!

We are so honored to be partnering with Dwell with Dignity in our inaugural apartment project!

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