bauhaus holiday party 2012

At bauhaus, we work diligently year-round to execute design projects that often have exciting and unique challenges. We are focused, dedicated and committed to impeccable customer service. Our commitment to executing white glove service on every aspect of our work requires that we work well together and rely on each individual on the bauhaus team to perform at his or her highest level. As a result, we have become a strong-knit family, and like most families, we do not have many opportunities to relax and just laugh with each other. So, when the holidays come around, we take our commitment to excellence and channel it into one excellent night!

Here is a peek at all the fun that was had! See more photos on our Facebook page.


Everyone started out pretty calm and quiet, but by the time the gift exchange rolled around it was like a wild family reunion. A lot of laughs! ~ Anna Latson

Fun. Food. Festive. Family. ~ Leanne Kane

Last night reminded me of what a great group of fun people we work here at bauhaus ! The party last night only enhanced my perception. ~ Malcom Sheedy

Working for bauhaus there is really a sense of community and feeling of people being personally invested in the company.  The different departments all mingle with each other, and I think everyone seemed to be included in conversations or a group at all times. ~ Alex Wiseman

The martini and wine glasses were too small! ~ Jay Hefner 

A great night of fun and laughter! ~ Louisa Boulter

Pedro is one bad mamma jamma! ~ Jay Dratwick