bauhaus Project Profile: Westwood Holdings

Westwood Holdings has been providing institutional investments, private wealth management and mutual funds to clients since 1983. Westwood Holdings called on bauhaus to assist with the expansion of their Dallas office, which occupies two floors of the Crescent building in Uptown Dallas.

Workspace Details

With the goal of creating a more inviting and open environment, bauhaus moved the employees’ workspaces from the traditional, eye-level, 64-inch cubicles into low-wall, 50-inch Knoll Reff Profiles and eliminated the majority of the private offices by creating open, collaborative workspaces for employees at all levels. This significantly changed the overall feel of their work environment (view bauhaus systems). Lowering the horizons of the workstations and incorporating several touchdown rooms with Antenna Workspaces, bauhaus created space for employees to hold videoconferences and meetings. Televisions were integrated throughout the space, allowing employees to stay up-to-date on market news. bauhaus designed workstations with treadmills that allow employees the option of exercising while working, providing kinetic learners the ability to optimize their information processing style in the workplace. In addition to Knoll Reff Profiles and Antenna Workspaces, bauhaus used Generation seating throughout the project, Nienkamper Vox tables in the conference rooms and Knoll Currents Collaborative Space. Other furniture lines implemented in this project include: Krug, Davis tables, Versteel and Allermuir. Textiles lines used include: Maharam, Architects, Brentano and Sina Pearson.

With two decades of history in the Dallas area, the client wanted the office to tell the story of the company and the people within. Photographs and artwork by employees as well as a wall of employee credentials are unique and interesting components within the office.

Unique Design Challenges

This project was not without its challenges. The core of the Crescent building is built on a curve, creating unique angles in the workspaces. The workstations in the Westwood Holdings office are built at an angle with standard sizes based on employee work tasks. One challenge with the angles was maintaining ADA compliance in the aisles and walkways.

In order to maintain uninterrupted production during construction, Westwood Holdings relocated existing private offices from the twelfth floor to a temporary space on a lower floor. Once the construction was finished, the private offices were moved back into the main office.

The Westwood Holdings office redesign shifted the company culture toward a more modern, collaborative, team workspace. bauhaus enjoyed working on this project with Porter Montgomery, our primary contact at Westwood Holdings, as well as HKS Architects. The well thought out design of this project allowed the employees to easily adapt to the significant changes in their work environment.

The positive feedback from Westwood Holdings has been a great reward of this project.