Celebrating Modern Icons


Without question, Big Tex is the icon of the State Fair of Texas. After 60 years of service and a tragic fire, Big Tex is back and better than ever! Though he usually just changes his shirt, this year he is three feet taller and has packed on a few pounds — 19,000 to be exact.


Just as Big Tex is the icon of the State Fair of Texas, the State Fair is an icon of the Lone Star State. To that point, Knoll, Inc. is an icon in the world of modern design, which has some special icons of its own. As we learned in Knoll School, the Barcelona Chair by Mies Van der Rohe is an iconic piece in the Knoll Collection. Unchanged since 1950, the Barcelona Collection got an unusual update of its own. In 2003, Knoll invited Stephen Sprouse to create a new collection. Known for his graffiti and punk rock influences, Sprouse hand-lettered a limited number of KnollStudio pieces with his signature felt-tip marker.


One icon of the modern design era was the Bauhaus School. It is this design movement that inspired the naming of our business. Of course, the icon of any company is its logo, and in February 2012, our management came together to refresh our brand to reflect the changes in our company culture and vision. Still honoring our heritage, our bauhaus logo and “bug” got a new look.


Which transformation is your favorite?

Icons are a celebration of heritage and are steeped in meaning and nostalgia. At bauhaus, we bring the iconic design of the modern era to the modern workplace, providing workspace solutions that meet each of our client’s unique needs.