cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology is an integral component of the work we do at bauhaus. Staying current with these trends is key in our clients’ first impressions and perceptions of our work. Our commitment to implementing the latest technology in our own workspace and workflow translates to a clear understanding of our clients’ technology needs.

The bauhaus design team works with the latest updates of AutoCAD and the latest rendering tools to create full-scene, high-quality 3D visualizations of client projects. The technology we use at bauhaus allows us to work efficiently with manufacturer-specific information and allows clients to quickly envision their completed projects.

We work with clients across the nation on office design, redesign and furnishing. To keep our clients informed throughout the design and installation process of their project, we offer Skype conferencing and utilize Apple’s FaceTime for iOS 5 and OSX Lion and Mountain Lion. Video conferencing technology allows us to meet with clients quickly and easily on a routine basis.

In addition to working with the latest design software and offering video conferencing for our clients, we are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo. We have also released an interactive bauhaus brochure for iPad.

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