Eco-Friendly Design Trends

bauhaus, a Knoll partner, is committed to sustainable design and to setting industry-leading standards protecting the environment, reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Sustainability is a consideration in the design and manufacturing of Knoll products.

Environmentally Friendly Workplace Design

Sustainable, environmentally friendly principles guide everything we do at bauhaus. These concepts are an integral part of the design and manufacturing process of Knoll products. Green workplace design is among our top priorities when working with our clients. It’s our goal to design sustainable workspaces that will save our clients money in the long-term while protecting the environment.

Here are a few key factors of sustainable workspace design:

  • Freestanding furniture that can easily be moved or repurposed. We know the structure of almost any company can change seemingly overnight. Your workspace should be able to do the same. Flexible, moveable, multi-purpose furniture is key.
  • Low cubicle walls and open design. Rather than boxing employees into their workspace with full-size walls, half-size walls provide an open feel and allow workers to collaborate more easily. In addition, lower walls improve the flow of lighting throughout the workspace, which can reduce the amount of light fixtures needed.
  • A green workspace should also be open to outside, natural light, when possible. This will reduce dependence on electricity to light the workplace.
  • Recylcable seating. Chairs in the workspace should be produced with recycled products and able to be recycled when they are no longer needed.
  • Reconfigurable workspace. As workspace needs evolve, desks and shelving units should be able to be reconfigured easily, reducing the need for reconstruction.
  • Articulating computer monitors to free up workspace.
  • When possible, local products are used. Specifically when it comes to the décor of your workspace, lean on local products to reduce pollution caused by long shipments.

These are only a few of the trends in sustainable or green workplace design. Knoll is LEED certified and is committed to producing sustainable products. With the use of their products, bauhaus will help you design an environmentally friendly workspace that best suits your needs.