Fossil Project Profile

On September 16, 2011, bauhaus completed a workspace design and furnishing project for the Fossil, Inc. headquarters.

The goal of the project was to create a collaborative, open workspace where all 64 departments of Fossil’s various brands could work together in a creative, fun, high-energy, flexible, team-building workspace unique to the Fossil brand.

The project included a move of the company’s 1,400 full-time employees from two previous offices to one 535,000 square foot office space in Richardson, Texas. From kick-off to move in, the project took a total of eight months to complete.

To be successful, this unique project incorporated the efforts of everyone on the bauhaus team. The end result is just what Fossil desired. Anyone who steps foot inside the front lobby of the building will know they are inside the Fossil headquarters. From a lobby wall covered with the company’s trademark tin cans to mockup stores of the different Fossil brands.

It’s a building Fossil employees will never want to leave, with an onsite gym, a library, a beautiful café, coffee bars stocked with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Pikes Peak coffees for employees to enjoy, and an outdoor environment complete with a meeting space and lounge area.

Eighty-five percent of the existing building interiors were demolished in the process. We created 950 new workstations and relocated 448 existing workstations. To create a collaborative environment, the previous 64-inch horizon workspace walls were replaced with a 50-inch horizon.

For a company as large as Fossil, with so many different departments, storage was a primary concern within the project. With five different types of Knoll template storage units, as departments move, change and grow, the shared storage can be easily adjusted.

The new workspace also includes for freestanding workspaces utilizing floating Infinium wall systems. As the building changes and departments shift and grow, these walls can also easily be adjusted and moved to accommodate the company’s workspace needs.

Products used in the project include:

We also refurbished several existing pieces, including the café tables.

The Fossil project was an aggressive project, and was a collaborative effort by many parties, including Corgan architectural and design firm; Jones Lang LaSalle commercial real estate and StructureTone construction management.