Generation by Knoll® Family of Chairs

bauhaus showroom

Generation Chair: It’s not a chair. It’s a movement.
Generation by Knoll® family of chairs began with the Generation chair. The Generation is the first office chair that allows you to sit the way you want. It is also the first office chair to be rated Sustainable Platinum under the SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standards. With hundreds of hours of research behind this innovative design, the Generation chair offers users the freedom to move as they work, collaborate, brainstorm and innovate in the workplace. Even while sitting, we move hundreds of times throughout the day. The Generation chair moves with you, providing ease and comfort in the modern workplace. Knoll is so committed to the concept of “sit how you want” — they even created a website that allows users to create and purchase their own custom created chairs ( At bauhaus, everyone can sit how they want in their Generation Chair.

Generation Family of Chairs by Knoll

Regeneration Chair: Be true to form.
Using minimal materials and components, the ReGeneration chair is innovative in its simplicity. Its straightforward design leverages flexible, durable and sustainable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort and support throughout the day. The Regeneration has a slim profile with a contoured frame, and can be customized with either high performance elastomer Flex Back Net or fully upholstered. Like all chairs in the Generation by Knoll family of chairs, the Regeneration offers exceptional lumbar support, and is just another way that Knoll allows you to sit how you want. At our new showroom we use this chair in our small conference rooms.

Regeneration Chair by Knoll


MultiGeneration Chair: Keep the conversation moving.
With its responsive, open design that supports multiple postures and a diversity of people in shared, team and large group environments, the MultiGeneration chair by Knoll could also be called the collaboration chair. At bauhaus, this is used as your pull up chairs and even extra conference room meetings. Formway Design, the designers of this innovative family of chairs, gave the MultiGeneration the form and function that optimizes natural movement, allowing users of this chair to focus, interact and communicate more effectively. MultiGeneration extends the benefits of the award-winning Generation by Knoll® work chair, promoting comfort and freedom of movement in collaborative work settings.

Multigeneration Chair by Knoll

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