Green is the New Orange

2013 Color of the Year: Green is the New Orange

As mentioned in our recent blog, 5 Design Trends for the Modern Office, Pantone has declared Emerald Green the new orange. And, we are excited about this color. Like Tangerine, the 2012 Pantone color of the year, green is an upbeat, bright color that brings positive cheer to the modern office.

The use of textiles in office design offers an interesting element to modern office design and is an excellent way to incorporate bright, cheerful colors into practical monochromatic office systems.

Incorporate color into your modern office with these three uses of textiles:

Fabric. Knoll’s Dynamicfabric, shown below in Boxwood, is a durable fabric for incorporating accent colors. Originally launched in 1971, Dynamic makes a comeback to KnollTextiles with a palette of bold, saturated tones. This upholstery fabric is an excellent choice for accent pieces such as office side chairs, seat cushions or sofa pillows to add a splash of color and texture to the workplace. By incorporating color in accent pieces, it is easy to rotate the color out annually or every several years as the color trends change.

Knoll Bertoia Bird Chair in Dynamic Boxwood

Knoll’s Bertoia Bird Chair in Dynamic Boxwood

Knoll Bertoia Diamond Dynamic Boxwood

Knoll’s Bertoia Diamond Dynamic Boxwood

Drapery. The use of drapery adds sophistication and elegance to the modern office. Fission Chips, designed by Ruth Adler Schnee for KnollTextiles, is a pattern inspired from 1950’s fabrics and, as Schnee describes, “cut logs with different textures.” Though not as bright of a green as the Boxwood, Fission Chips, shown here in Agave (middle), brings a subtle approach to color, allowing even the most conservative of offices to be a bit bold.

KnollTextiles Fishion Chips Privacy Curtain

KnollTextiles’ Fishion Chips Privacy Curtain

Wallcovering. Swoosh, by Trove for KnollTextiles, shown here in Toucan, won the 2012 Best of NeoCon Silver. This wallcovering is a study of the freedom of movement in one singular gesture. Swoosh is made from a non-vinyl Type II substrate. The use of textiles for wallcovering adds both texture and depth to office walls.

KnollTextiles Swoosh Wallcovering

KnollTextiles Swoosh Wallcovering

bauhaus, a Knoll partner, celebrates the success of the KnollTextiles So Happy. Together.” ad campaign, which debuted in the Spring 2012 issues of Interior Design and HDMagazine. This ad campaign received the 2012 Archie12 Award from the Society of Typographic Arts and was also winner of the 2012 HOW Design Magazine International Design Award. The ad campaign, which showcases the depth and range of the KnollTextiles upholstery line, will be featured in the March 2013 issue of HOW Magazine. We love the fantastic use of color!

So Happy. Together. Knoll Ad Campaign

So Happy. Together. Knoll Ad Campaign