High-Tech Modern Furnishing


AYRE MULTI by Hightower

An efficient workspace is a workspace that allows for seamless integration of technology, not only in the individual workspace, but also in each activity space.

In the modern office, workers are on the go; they no longer spend eight hours working from their own desk. Workplace design should take into consideration the need for workers to move around the office, spending time working with a team in a designated group workspace, or moving to a small room to focus on their work in a quiet, uninterrupted area.

As workers move about the office, they must be able to take their technology along with them wherever they go, without giving even a second thought to where or how they will plug in when needed. “Both primary and activity spaces require broad connectivity with ready access to power and data, and wifi capability.” (knoll.com)


Office furniture designed to integrate with technology allows for increased focus and productivity and provides a smooth transition from one work surface or workspace to the next.


The type and function of a specific activity space may call for additional technology tools. “Together, the two types of spaces create a total work environment in which spaces are tailored to individual work and group interactions, offering employees choice and control over their work setting.” (knoll.com)


Nemo Bar by izzy+


Dewey Connection Cart by izzy+

These beautiful pieces of furniture have one thing in common: each is designed specifically for seamless integration with technology. Notice the charging stations built into tables and seating and the work surfaces designed specifically with mobile technology in mind.