Interpole: A New Connection

Interpole: A new connection

Interpole ™ is a unique planning approach that reimagines the connection between furniture and architecture. Applicable in open plan, private offices and activity spaces, Interpole delivers convenient access to power and data and offers fresh new ways to plan you workspaces. Based on a floor-to-ceiling H-post, Interpole features separate channels for power and data from the ceiling to open plan systems or activity spaces freeing users from perimeter planning or costly junction boxes in the floor.

More than just a glorified power pole, Interpole enables five planning applications:

Hub| community space pole_inline

Display | video displays in private offices and activity spaces

Conduit | power and data supply to workstations

Screen | between poles to define boundaries and provide display surface

Storage Wall | open or enclosed storage




Interpole provides convenience power for informal or touchdown activity spaces at lounge height, table height or standing height. The H-post serves as a structure for the worksurface while providing “plug and play” power for the user. Perfect as a tablet surface or charging station.



Interpole can function as a display mount. Integrated with Sapper Monitor Arms, Interpole offers flexible video display at any height for informal or community areas. Can be used for check-in, nurses stations or touchdown internet access. interpole_display



Interpole can serve as an empty power pole to manage power and communications from the ceiling to open plan desk or panel systems. Two open side channels in the H-post with snap-on covers separate power supply from sensitive data cables. Ceiling infeeds and cables can emerge at the bottom of the pole or at any height for direct connection to panel bases or desk height distribution.





Interpole screens mount between the slots of power poles to form multi-functional boundaries of activity spaces. Screens are available in translucent or opaque whiteboard glass, laminate whiteboard or combination laminate and tackable fabric surfaces. Screens create visual division and a platform for interaction and connectivity.



Interpole storage between poles serves as a spine for open plan workstations or as a storage wall in enclosed work areas. Storage components may be combined with partial height screens offering whiteboard or tackable surfaces adjacent to desk tops.

David Adjaye designed table for Knoll--June 25, 2013.

Interpole is designed by Antenna Workspaces designers Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger.