Knoll: Modern Always

 Knoll So Happy Together

In keeping with their brand slogan, Modern Always, Knoll has launched a new website that is as modern design as it is functionality. The layout, colors, graphics, and functionality allow for an exciting and informative user experience.

Here at bauhaus, we are particularly excited by how much the new Knoll site complements our website! One of our favorite “bonus” features is how great our favicons look together.

Knoll bauhaus favicons

Another favorite function is the Shop section. Simply select the piece of furniture you are interested in and change the finish to meet your design needs. You can view your piece of furniture in various angles, as well as in various environments.

Be careful … you could lose hours of your work day building your dream modern workplace! The new site is like on steroids!

Knoll Shop

Knoll has gone all out with their new Mediabank. Not only are there seemingly countless photos and renderings of all their furniture, but you can view by detail shots, installations, textiles, or seamless images with white backgrounds.

The images are large and easy to scroll through quickly. It is like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and your birthday for any modern designer!

Knoll Media Bank

Stop by Knoll, and let us know what you think!