Knoll Remix vs. Herman Miller Embody



It’s no secret that there are a ton of good furniture companies out there, in fact, we represent most of them! Here at bauhaus, we bleed Knoll, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition!

In the ever evolving workspace, the size and aesthetic of the stations are changing, but the one constant seems to be the task chair.  “The Future of Ergonomic Office Seating” states that there is no one “right way” to sit.

The chairs of the future should:

  • Support the widest variety of diverse work activities
  • Incorporate cognitive ergonomics
  • Explore and apply the latest technologies
  • Exhibit transparent sophistication
  • Maximize environmental intelligence in design
  • Enhance ease of use
  • Move beyond active control
  • Be intuitive
  • Go beyond usability

Knoll Remix®

Introduced at NeoCon 2014, the Remix® is “inspired by the idea of bringing pre-existing elements together to make something entirely new.” Remix pairs the comfort of upholstery with innovative Flex Net Matrix™ technology for active, all day support. The flex net is molded to provide flexibility and resiliency and designed to provide firmer support in the lumbar and shoulder region.

Herman Miller Embody

Introduced at NeoCon 2009, the Embody is the “first work chair to support mind and body.” The movement of the chair promotes blood and oxygen flow, which keeps the brain more focused and functional. The pixelated support creates a seat and back surface that automatically conforms to your movements.


remix vs embody

Which chair would YOU choose??