Lehigh Hanson Project Profile

Lehigh Hanson bauhaus Project Profile Private Activity Room

Lehigh Hanson is one of the largest construction materials companies in North America. bauhaus was hired to design, deliver and install two floors of furniture and to decommission the existing building. The relocation strategy was to consolidate the Dallas-area offices into the same building. In total, the new space contains 156 workstations and 51 private offices on two floors.

As is true with many companies and organizations that have been in existence for many years, the existing Lehigh Hanson office spaces were very traditional in design and style. The company’s existing workstations were separated by 64-inch panels, and the private offices were completed in wood.

bauhaus was tasked with helping to guide the organization through a culture-shift of moving to lower horizons, lighter materials, and more open workspaces. (Read Managing Change for more on this subject.) This is often a challenging task as it can be difficult to adjust to change and adapt to new products and workspaces. The client also needed the ability to use components from an office in a workstation, for storage to have multiple functions, and the ability to be reconfigured as they continue to grow.

Another priority for Lehigh Hanson was to create a non-hierarchical work environment. Both workstations and private offices share similar storage components and have the same finishes that give the space a very cohesive look. Visibility in the offices was also very important — something we were able to give them with an updated, modern design with lower horizons and an open plan workspace.

Lehigh Hanson Open Work Environment bauhaus

We used furniture from the Knoll Dividends Horizon and Knoll Template. Template Storage was selected for the workstations for its ability to easily be reconfigured. Since it is a completely modular system, the client liked that it could be an open shelf one day and the next day it could be a file drawer.

Lehigh Hanson Project Profile Storage

In addition to Knoll Dividends Horizon and Template, other lines used in the project include: Infinium Architectural Walls, Hightower, ESI, Cabot Wrenn, Encore ON Q. Knoll Textiles was also a major component of this project. With a vast ancillary package, we used over 10 different Knoll Textiles!

With 600 Lineal Feet, Lehigh Hanson marks the first significant architectural wall installation in the metroplex for bauhaus. They selected Infinium for its design details, fit and finish, and its STC rating. Infinium’s double pane glass not only looks great, but has a 41 STC rating. Drywall averages 35 STC. A level of 3 STC is discernible to the human ear.

Lehigh Hanson is an outstanding client, and our experience working with them was very rewarding.

“The bauhaus team delivered quality products and excellent service. Working with them was a pleasure … from the installers to the company leadership, everyone was involved from start to finish. I look forward to a long business partnership with bauhaus,” said Facilities Manager Stephen Selman.

To complete the project, we also partnered with Jones Lang LaSalle for contruction management, Waddill Group for architecture and design, FurnishingVision for change management and furniture consulting, and Pacific Builders as the general contractor on the project.