Manufacturer Spotlight: David Edward

We are constantly on the lookout for high quality lounge and guest chairs that can appeal to all generations. One manufacturer we keep going back to is David Edward.

David Edward is a second generation family owned business that focuses most on seating, occasional tables, and hospitality. Specializing in sustainable and timeless furniture, David Edward provides a wide range of seating solutions that satisfy both a traditional and a modern eye. With factories based in Baltimore and Red Lion, Pennsylvania, David Edward fulfills many clients’ requests for furniture made in the United States.

A wide range of tastes can be satisfied just by visiting David Edward’s website. There, you’ll find a bevy of information and product images to suit multiple styles. Some of our favorite guest chairs are below, including the ever so chic Park City guest chair!

AspenPullup-83313_FQ SunaExecutive-55113_F-ALT ParkCityPullup-75999_FQ-walnut LolitaPullup-70623_FQ GordonPullup-88113a

Granting designer’s wishes for two generations, David Edward successfully provides coordinating guest and lounge chairs for those clients that find one look they love and want to stick with it. Aspen and Lolita are great examples of the many options David Edward provides.

aspen lolita

Not to be outdone, the lounge chair selection from David Edward is one of our favorites here at bauhaus. Bordering on residential, these high style designs are built to last for contract use while still pleasing the eye. With Interior Design Magazine best of year 2011 award winner, the Hutton chair, David Edward mixes it up and provides the look that edgy designers and clients are wanting right now. Check out more of their lounge pieces and view their whole product selection at