manufacturer spotlight: six inch

One of our favorite modern manufacturers is a company called Six Inch. Founded in Belgium in 2003, this company has been on the leading edge of modern design in not only Europe, but the United States as well., for the past twelve years.

Their passion for innovative and exciting design led the firm to create fascinating sculpture-turned-furniture from foam coated molds. The dramatic impact is felt by all who come in contact with Six Inch. Just take one look at their collection of swanky clients here and below:



microsoft collage


tate modern

the Tate Modern museum

Most recently, Six Inch has ‘come to America’ and has implemented a research program based on the specific needs of American clients. Six Inch recognized a gap in the design and furniture industry related to its ability to provide an outdoor seating solution with integrated solar power.

That’s where Grove 2.0 comes in.



This leading-edge furniture collection was made and designed in the U.S.A. using honest, natural materials with an option for solar power. Perfect for college and business campuses, Grove 2.0 is made to key into the patterns of the sun across North America, using the most sophisticated materials.



Six Inch is taking huge strides to connect the gaps in modern design and functionality. Join the conversation and watch them grow!

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