Antenna Workspaces

From New York City subway cars to JetBlue check-in kiosks, Antenna’s design concepts of functional simplicity span a wide range of industries and uses. Founded in 1997 by Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger, Antenna’s mission is to make the experience of technology and environments more meaningful and exciting.

In the furniture spectrum, Antenna Workspaces reflect Udagawa and Moeslinger’s interest in functional simplicity and their experience in using design as a tool of social interaction that bridges people and technology. Their design approach incorporates rapid prototyping and user involvement. They are user-focused, taking advantage of the latest technological advancements.

Antenna Workspaces for Knoll marked the first time Udagawa and Moeslinger designed furniture. They were asked to design a workspace that incorporates the changes that have taken place in the workplace, including the transition from closed cubicle space to an open plan office environment. Antenna uses varying surface finishes to distinguish between different office activity areas.

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Their goal was to create elegant, yet simple office furniture design. Inspired by Frances Knoll, Antenna Workspaces are “fit for task and team.” Work in 2012 often involves continual shifting from one task and type of work to another; a shift from focused projects to shared and team activities. Antenna Workspaces reflect freedom and mobility today’s workers need.

In addition to meeting Knoll’s design standards, Antenna Workspaces also practice sustainable design. Knoll pursues relationships with designers who practice sustainable design and can provide verification of environmental standards that are transparent and universally accepted. Click here to view Antenna Workspaces Sustainability Overview.

Antenna Workspaces designs combine the artistic with the functional, solving practical workplace needs. Udagawa and Moeslinger create simple workplace structures; explore transitions to maximize use and flexibility with a minimum of parts. The key to Antenna design: combining maximum functionality with maximum simplicity.

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