NeoCon 2013 All Aglow with New Lighting from Knoll

Last week we touched on the highlights from NeoCon 2013, focusing on several new product offerings by Knoll. This week we are focusing exclusively on Knoll’s modern LED light products that were unveiled at NeoCon. LED lighting offers high lighting quality with lower wattage levels and allows for individual control so that each person has just the right amount of light necessary to create his or her ideal workspace.

Sparrow, Highwire, and T-Light are all low-energy use lighting options that meet LEED requirements and are great products for open plan and daylight strategy modern office solutions.

Inspired by a small bird perching on a power line, this sprightly, playful light offers 50,000 hours of life. Its accessible handle provides the right amount of light where and when it’s needed. The LED head rotates 360°.



With simple lines and intuitive controls, this modern lighting solution offers 50,000 hours of life and complements any workspace environment. The smaller single LED chips arranged in a clustered array provide even illumination across the work surface.


Designed for the Antenna Workspaces, the T-Light mounts to the center beam providing even illumination across the work surface.



Knoll’s new lighting series address the changing workplace with three key benefits:

Structural lightness: The simple linear form is visually light and designed with a minimal footprint.

Quality illumination: The uniform warm light output has a low energy consumption.

Instinctive controls: The intuitive design is aesthetically paired with advanced technology.