NeoCon 2013 Highlights

NeoCon 2013 has come and gone, leaving designers across the nation inspired and aesthetically rejuvenated. Our creativity is abuzz with the thousands of innovative products and resources available to our clients.



Always a show favorite, this year Knoll was named one of Monday’s “most popular exhibitors.” Congratulations Knoll!

Knoll NeoCon Most Popular Exhibitor

This year, the Knoll showroom display was both a celebration of the company’s Modern Always™ 75th anniversary campaign and a reflection of their position as leaders in modern workplace furnishing and design solutions. The Knoll exhibit showcased how new technology is transforming and liberating the workplace. We found the following products to be of particular interest.

Anchor, the new addition to the Knoll storage portfolio designed by Marc Krusin, is available in multiple configurations including all-open or all-closed with drawers or doors or a blended solution of open and closed. Anchor storage offers seamless coordination with Antenna® Workspaces and Dividends Horizon®.

Knoll Anchor Laminate Storage

Tools for Life is an 11-piece collection of furniture designed by Rem Koolhass and his studio, OMA. Overall, it is dynamic, innovative and experimental — an expression of OMA’s research and design process on a completely new scale. The furniture performs in a myriad of ways, changing both physically and functionally to suit a variety of environments and uses.

SUNO for Knoll Luxe KnollTextiles® continues its tradition of working with the world’s best design talent. New upholstery fabrics include the SUNO Collection for Knoll Luxe, a fashion-driven textile collaboration; fabrics by KnollTextiles creative director Dorothy Cosonas; and the Stripes Collection by Irma Boom.

Suno for Knoll Luxe

Reff Profiles delivers a progressive and architectural design solution for private offices, administrative areas, and open plan environments, leveraging the product line’s history of refined wood detailing, planning flexibility, and breadth of options. New designs by Brian Graham include a Media Enclave table and lockers.

Knoll Reff Profiles Media Enclave


Nucraft creates finely designed, inventive, and meticulously crafted furniture for modern workspaces, including conference rooms, lobby and reception areas, private offices, and training areas. With a corporate philosophy of  “We don’t do it if we can’t do it better than it’s been done,” this bauhaus vendor sets its standards high and always exceeds expectations.

Nucraft’s Merino Collection is designed to meet the needs of today’s executives, the Merino Collection is clean and precise, light in scale and has a contemporary aesthetic. The drawers have no pulls and are equipped with a light electric assist. The Aja Table Collection embraces the natural variations in the hardwood from which they’re constructed. The organic curves of Aja achieve a sense of grace and harmony in the modern workplace environment. The Agility Reconfigurable Table is much more than just another modular table. The triangular profile and angled placement of the legs form a single pattern when tables are configured together, no matter which direction tables are placed relative to one another. Learn more about the Nucraft Agility Reconfigurable Table in the video below.


Davis, a leader in the contemporary furniture industry, is well respected in the design community for furniture that is superior in design form and function. The following new products caught our attention at NeoCon 2013.

Span is a super slim, wood conference and working table. This lean, contemporary table is able to support lengths of up to 144 inches on just four legs, daring to push the limits of design and engineering. Dots are a new line of wall hooks from Apartment 8 that bring multidimensional visual interest and functionality to vertical planes in cafes, restaurants, hospitality areas, offices, hotels, spas, and much more. Available in natural finished oak or walnut, Dots are an eye-catching array of twelve bold painted wood colors, or any custom colors. Each Dot is comprised of a petite, round wood knob joined to a brushed stainless steel spacing rod which screws onto a wall-mounted anchor. Join is the first chair that fuses painted wood with wood veneer, ushering in a whole new approach to bent plywood technology that gives designers the unprecedented opportunity to mix and match shell materials for an aesthetic that is both ultramodern and unexpectedly retro. Sticks is comprised of varying lengths of shaped wood beams — some reaching all the way up from the floor while others are placed chaotically at unexpected angles and heights — all of which seem suspended in time and motion. Each beam features an angled inward cut notch just below the top, which creates a hook for coat hangers, purse straps, and more. Sticks makes the perfect addition to entryways, personal offices, or really anywhere a designer wants visual intrigue and users need ample hanging storage. The Mez Table, by famed designer Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, is a perfectly balanced mix of hard edges, soft curves, and unexpected shapes that lend an interesting modern aesthetic to cafes, bars, collaborative areas, and small meeting spaces, alike.

Davis Furniture


Encore is another bauhaus contemporary furniture vendor that finds its way into many of our modern workplace solutions. This company raises the benchmark in design, comfort and quality and is a leading provider of contemporary options-oriented seating and table products. The following products were some of our favorite Encore products featured at NeoCon 2013.

Signal, licensed by Wiener Hager of Austria, makes its mark with features designed to impress. This slim profile side chair is made of a square metal frame and mixed-use materials, reflecting a contemporary visage that works well in environments of all kinds. Wake, designed by Christopher Panichella, is great stool collection for the modern office. Wake provides casual seating options for relaxed offices settings. Pixie, a Qdesign creation, mixes creative modernity with multi-functionality. These stools are universally comfortable and come in an assorted metal frame color palette. Lucent, also designed by Qdesign, is an excellent side chair that performs brilliantly in any environment. Highlighted by a metal arm and frame, this chair’s subtle elegance is poised and polished. Pinnacle, whether conferencing, collaborating, or contemplating, the Pinnacle is the go-to chair that ties in back styles, mechanism choices, and base finishes to ensure aesthetic and functional preferences prevail without compromising comfort. Lastly, Designed by 5D Studio, Visor, provides all the essentials for attaining cozy comfort within a compact footprint. This light-scale lounge and modular collection delights the senses and encouraged creativity.

Encore Furniture

NeoCon 2013 certainly fulfilled its promise to engage, educate, and inspire us!