bauhaus showroom

In our recent move to our new showroom at 1645 Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, we have experienced first-hand the transitions we walk our clients through on a daily basis. bauhaus is built on the belief that a well-designed workspace can improve morale within a company, increase productivity and foster teamwork. The challenge with moving to a new office: workspace is personal.

On a daily basis, we deal with employees of our clients who are concerned about change. They want to know how a new office design will affect their day-to-day activities. We fully understand those challenges as we have experienced those concerns ourselves.

We are proud of our new showroom, and pleased to have a space where our clients can come and see life-size examples of our design concepts. These are a few highlights of our new office and showroom:

As you approach our entrance, you’ll notice the display of Knoll studio classics in our front window. This is a rotating display of classic Knoll chair designs. It is bright, colorful and inspiring.

The conference room is enclosed with glass walls, creating an open feeling. Inside the room is the Knoll LSM Table. The LSM Table comes in two styles: wood and stone. Currently, our conference table is the wood LSM Table, but our permanent table with be the stone LSM Table.

Our open office design features six-by-six workspaces with 42-inch high walls. In our previous office, the workspaces were composed of eight-by-eight cubicles with 64-inch high dividing walls. The shorter walls create an open environment and foster collaborative working.

Our new break room is decorated with Knoll wall covering and features three Pensi disc tables. With the open layout of our new workspace, employees now enjoy their lunch in a cafe-style environment. Colleagues now have a space to take a break and refuel during the workday. Our new break room offers colleagues an opportunity to engage with each other during lunch.

One of our favorite new features of our showroom is our “flex space.” This space allows us to set up office furniture prototypes to show our clients. When presenting concepts to clients, we are now able to show them more than just an architectural drawing or a photo. We are able to exhibit life-size demos of the products we offer. The flex space setup is constantly changing, depending on the client we are working with.

In addition to these features of our new office and showroom, each of the conference and break out rooms in the bauhaus office is named after a founder of the Bauhaus school. We are committed to the principles and foundations the Bauhaus school set in place for interior design and have integrated the bauhaus ideals into our new office in every way possible.