Trends in Workplace Design

The majority of today’s workforce believes office interior design has a direct effect on workers’ creativity, attitude, job satisfaction and productivity. In a day when many companies are attempting to do more with less, it is critical that workplace design promote teamwork, communication and efficiency. Poor layout, cramped workspaces, and insufficient quiet areas can all have a negative effect on productivity and overall satisfaction within the workplace.

When designing a new workspace, here are three key elements to keep in mind:

  1. Privacy without isolation — Today’s worker needs to be able to focus at work while still maintaining visibility and open communication with others in the workplace. Today’s cubicle looks far different than it did a decade ago. Walls between cubes are much lower, allowing employees to feel a sense of privacy without feeling isolated. Teamwork is a critical element of nearly every effective workplace today, but in order for teamwork to exist, workers must feel a sense of connectivity to their colleagues.
  2. Communications and technology — Make way for communications and technology in your new office design. Select an office design and furniture solultion that allows room to grow with the ever-changing communications and technology landscape. With laptops and flat screen monitors, there is no longer need a place for large spaces for big pieces of equipment. Maximize the use of that space for other purposes, including storage or a collaborative workspace.
  3. Flexibility — This is perhaps the most important element of office design in 2012. Your new design layout and furniture must be flexible for rapid reconfiguration. Not only can personnel within the workplace change rapidly, creating a need for more or less office or cubicle space, technology is also rapidly advancing. Incorporating new technology into the workspace shouldn’t require an entirely new office design and new furniture. Select office modules that can be easily reconfigured for other purposes depending on your workplace needs.

Keep these three factors in mind when redesigning your workplace layout. Employees need to have room for quiet work and privacy, but the ability to easily collaborate with their colleagues on projects. Keep your office layout flexible to make room for the ever-advancing technology and every-changing workplace landscape.