Products that Have Captured Our Hearts

b_mine...My Panton Chair is Red

My Via’s Swopper’s Blue

Oh what ever would I do …

If I had to choose between the two!

This Valentine’s Day our hearts have been captured by the following modern office solutions. But, ask us tomorrow and you may get a different answer because love is indeed a very fickle thing. Today, this is what has our modern hearts aflutter.

Knoll- D'Urso Swivel Lounge Chair

 “The D’urso swivel is my favorite because it is so comfortable… and it swivels”
~ Beth Anderson

Joseph Paul D’Urso represents the pinnacle of interior design, delivering a modern twist.


Vitra-Verner Panton Chair

“I’m all about the Panton chair. It looks great in a variety of settings and comes in many different colors. I’ve also seen this all over Pinterest, so it must be cool.” ~ Allyson Stark

Designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was the first to express the brilliant idea of “stackable” chairs. Danish designer Vernon Panton followed suit in 1965 with these smooth to the touch, seamlessly designed, stackable, cantilevered plastic chairs.



“Prismatique conference tables are the best in my book.” ~ Eric Frank

Prismatique Designs Ltd. has been a leader in table design for the corporate market since 1979. bauhaus utilizes their award-winning lines of conference, training, multipurpose and occasional tables in many of our modern workplace solutions.



Allermuir- Pebble

“Allermuir Pebble Benches. It just makes you smile.” ~ Dawn Williams

Pebble is a superb seating option for a multitude of informal meeting spaces, collaborative workspaces or corporate breakout areas where people may come together for only a brief period to chat, to have a drink, rest awhile or just to sit and smile while enjoying this cheerful modern design.


“Jofco Ziva supports technology in a lounge, enclave setting. This is perfect for higher education.” ~ Jay Hefner

Another great solution for corporate breakout areas, Ziva addresses the different needs of today’s on-the-go office style with a comprehensive collection of configurable and freestanding seating with an offering of corresponding functional tables.


Campbell Contract- Avenue

“Campbell Contract’s Avenue Series. I like detailing of the angles on the arms, and this line is locally made!” ~ Alex Wiseman 

Modern sophistication at its finest. Campbell Contract’s Avenue Series offer the perfect solution for modern executive workspaces and private offices.


“I love Via’s Swopper because you never have to sit still!  It’s like having a playground at work!” ~ Danielle Veeder

Multidimensional movement with German engineering, Via’s Swopper was developed by an osteopath for people with low-back pain. Perfect as a task chair or stool; this modern solution will create lots of fun no matter how you use it!




“Think about it—an old-school chalkboard can become a smartboard!” ~ Ron Welch

Create a vibrant environment that encourages ideas and participation with eBeam’s interactive white board technology. Portable, flexible and eco-friendly, and eBeam’s software is highly versatile and intuitive. Modern solutions for the modern workplace—we love it!

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