the history of bauhaus

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In 1979, bauhaus founder, Ron Welch, began working for a modern furniture manufacturer, Knoll. Ron began what would become a decade-long education and training under Knoll. View the bauhaus video.

In 1994, Ron opened a Dallas-based Knoll dealership — bauhaus (formerly the Bauhaus Interior Group). Knoll was one of the first manufacturers of modern furniture design and Ron had a vision to marry the superior furniture manufacturer with quality project management service and after sales support for commercial and government agencies.

bauhaus is a Knoll dealership named after the Bauhaus movement, an early 20th century movement that, for the first time, united the fine arts industry with the industry of craftsmanship. Modern furniture design was born out of the Bauhaus school.

William Gropius, founder of Bauhaus school, believed that artists and craftsmen were equally valuable to the design process because one can’t work without the other. Craftsmen and artists came together under one roof to produce detailed designs and structures that are affordable, functional and easily mass produced.

bauhaus offers turnkey workspace solutions for commercial business and government agencies. bauhaus combines high design with cutting-edge technology, full-service solutions and impeccable service.

The bauhaus team of designers, planners and sales professionals work closely with each client to design and plan their professional space. The goal is that the end product combines form and function, and provides an environment for every employee to be most productive and efficient. On the surface, bauhaus is a furniture company, partnering with Knoll and other furniture manufacturers, but at the heart of the company is a team working to create perfect professional solutions for their clients in a specific and highly customized manner. Learn more about the bauhaus executive team here.