the playful side of bauhaus

What do Google, LinkedIn and bauhaus all have in common? We all understand the value of play in the workplace. At Google, employees enjoy beach Stuart Brown Quotevolleyball, bowling, rock wall climbing and more at the main campus in California. LinkedIn employees play foosball or ping-pong together when their brains need a break from emails, phone calls and meetings. At bauhaus, we take our monthly team-building play dates as seriously as we take our work because we know creativity does not happen in a vacuum. According to Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, play lowers stress, boosts optimism, increases motivation to perform well professionally and enhances creativity.

How do we get our play on? In early January, four bauhaus employees were chosen at random to plan one to three events of their choosing for each quarter of the year. The first team — Ben Gaar, Ray Garfias, Anna Latson, Alex Wiseman — gave us a fun-filled first quarter, and we are excited to experience what the other teams have in store us. The bar has been set pretty high so far! Yes, a little playful competition is inevitable!

bauhaus event 1

Event One. Held at the Renaissance Hotel Restaurant, Asador, our first team-building event was a “Guess your bauhaus colleague” happy hour, complete with a signature cocktail and food-tasting menu. Prior to the event, we all submitted facts about ourselves that not everyone would know, and we put together a slideshow at random. Come to find out, we are a secretive bunch because the winner only guessed 7 of 21 correct. Beth and Brandon took 1st and 2nd prize. We did have a tiebreaker between Ron and Mark, but Ron provided the tiebreaker questions beforehand … so he took home 3rd.  

bauhaus event 2

Event Two. Our second team-building event was a good ole-fashioned tailgate party on the bauhaus front lawn prior to hiking over to the AA Center for a Mavericks game. We have an awesome greenbelt outside the showroom, and we want to enjoy our little unpaved paradise before a parking lot is plopped down! Okay … we do need the extra parking spaces! Ray Garfias grilled burgers and even a couple veggie burgers. We sat on the VERY top row of the stadium, but they were still great seats! The Mavs played Milwaukee Brewers that night and even though they lost right at the end, a good time was had by all.

bauhaus event 3

Event Three. Our third event was as hilarious as it was fun … and it was very creative! We divided up into four teams with “team leads” to build a Knoll Studio piece out of balloons. The teams were: Barcelona with Ron Welch as the team lead, MR Lounge with Beth Anderson as the team lead, Wassily with Mark Boothby as team lead, and Platner Side Chair with Jay Hefner as the team lead. Each team had one hour to build a full-scale chair. The biggest challenge we all experienced was to create a freestanding chair. We were all in separate parts of the office, so each chair was pretty unique in the techniques used. The only materials we had to work with were balloons, pipe cleaners, wire, cardboard and lots of tape!  The Barcelona team took first prize with the Platner team at a close second.

A big THANK YOU to Team One for such a fun-filled first quarter. We all had a blast! Word on the street is that Team Two already has their events in the works — we can’t wait to get our play on!

Now back to work!