Traditional Architecture Meets Modern Design

Reagan Place at Old Parkland Campus and bauhaus …
traditional architecture meets modern design.

Reagan Place at Old Parkland Campus

When Steve H. Durham relocated Americas Strategic Holdings, L.L.C., a merchant banking and investment firm, to Reagan Place at Old Parkland Campus, he called on bauhaus to help create a modern workplace environment as the perfect juxtaposition for the Georgian architecture inspired by Jeffersonian designs that artfully compliment the historic buildings on the Old Parkland Campus.

The modern interior of Durham’s workspace is an expression of how history forms the foundation for the future, a mission of the Old Parkland Campus. Rooted in geographical and architectural history, Reagan Place features working fireplaces, a two-story rotunda lobby and beautiful, hand-scraped wood floors. Having the opportunity to partner with Durham on this architecturally important campus, was both an honor and a delight for the bauhaus design team.

Inside Steve Durham’s Modern Workspace
Durham’s Reagan Place office is a long, narrow, yet open space. With no walls to divide the room into specific work areas, we used the furniture to create different zones within the office space. The space is perfect for collaborative areas such as this breakout space.

As depicted above, Durham has an impressive and unique art collection. One of his most unique is titled “Dicks and Dictators,” the piece features Richard Gere, Jozef Stalin and Richard Simmons. Can you name the rest?

In keeping with the historic foundation of the building’s architecture, we selected classic modern pieces to maintain the integrity of the Campus’s expressed hope that those who office in its buildings will carry tradition forward with a commitment to innovation and community. The bauhaus team carefully selected pieces that reflect the beautiful architecture and quality craftsmanship in both design and materials that pay homage to the building’s architecture and the Old Parkland Campus heritage.

While all the pieces selected are very classic and beautiful, Durham has expressed that it is his Generation Chair he most loves. We think this speaks to his personality.

View the slide show below for images of the Steve H. Durham modern office.

  • Saarinen Collection Saarinen Collection
  • Reff Profiles Reff Profiles
  • Reception Reception
  • Flat Bar Brno Guest Chairs Flat Bar Brno Guest Chairs
  • Autostrada Workstations Autostrada Workstations

We could not be more thrilled with this project, but it is Durham’s delight we are most pleased with. He absolutely loves his modern workplace and has complimented the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the furniture.