Open Plan Environments

Knoll design recognizes that every client has unique functional, inspirational and economic needs when it comes to office interiors. Over the course of more than 40 years, Knoll has advanced the evolution of open office systems for clients. Open office systems improve efficiency with both space and resources. They are flexible, enabling rapid reconfiguration and are often comprised of spaces that are multipurpose in function.

View open plan environments for the workplace below:

An open office system floor plan will incorporate some or all of the following elements:

Team workspaces: Provide space for collaboration between teams of four to eight people. Often in the form of benching or “big table” layouts for focused, shared and team work.

Shared workspaces: Shared desktops can support two or three people who work together frequently or provide space for spontaneous shared work.

Alternative work areas: For the worker who needs variety, standing height storage at 36” or 42” can also serve as an alternative workspace.

Space for large meetings or training: These spaces can be used for a variety of purposes.

Huddle rooms: Small, quiet rooms enable groups of three or four to meet.

Broad main aisles: Encourage chance encounters without disturbing nearby workspaces.

Activity space: Accommodate small group spaces for sharing, team spaces for groups of four to six to work together and spaces for spontaneous exchange and conversation. These spaces are designed to energize the open environment and support collaborative work while creating a sense of connectedness to an organization.

Focused workspace: Designed with medium-height panels or storage ensure privacy, allowing individuals to concentrate on their work while not feeling isolated from their coworkers.

The modern workplace organization requires office space to be flexible and efficient. An open plan office environment is supportive of diverse work styles and provides multiple opportunities for collaborative work and group activities. It is flexible, able to be reconfigured at any time to support any type of work activity.