Many Modern Solutions

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For 75 years, Knoll has teamed up with celebrated architects and designers to offer a creative, groundbreaking assortment of furniture, textiles and accessories. Knoll’s commitment to modern design, understanding of the workplace through research, and dedication to sustainable design has yielded a unique portfolio of products that respond and adapt to changing needs.

As a full-service furniture management company committed to offering clients the perfect workspace solution, bauhaus is aligned with manufacturers that offer a wide range of furniture, including, but not limited to Knoll. Our close business relationships with each of the furniture lines we represent allows us to have an in-depth understanding of the unique capabilities of each line and affords bauhaus the ability to be a “single source” of quality products, solving the most demanding of project challenges.

Knoll is a prominent name in furniture design, and it is one of the many companies we work with that produces top-of-the-line furniture. We have partnered with more than a dozen other furniture lines, including Sandler Seating, Hightower and Bernhardt, and we spend time with all our clients selecting the pieces that best suit their needs.

Clients select a particular piece of furniture for one (or several) of many reasons, including: aesthetic, feel, cost or experience. Our goal is to offer a variety of pieces and options to suit each of our client’s unique styles and needs. Many of the pieces we offer are similar, yet unique in their own way. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Knoll pieces and similar counterparts.

Take a moment to look at each comparison in the photo galleries above and below. Which would you choose?